Social Media and Interest Communities

The strength of social channels lies in communities these days with a focus on interests and authentic sharing. Less tolerant of heavy marketing tactics, people are seeking to connect with like minded individuals and companies, building meaningful relationships and warming up to stories. I have found this to be true in my own personal endeavors as well as being a powerful business marketing strategy.

Social Communities of Interests

Realizing that sharing my interests in on my personal Facebook and Twitter page wasn’t producing the engagement I was looking for since the audience was so diverse in their interests.  With Facebook’s ever-changing algorithms, my posts were not being seen by most of my social media friends and followers. With a desire to reach to like minded people, I started groups and pages to connect with people who have the same interests. By doing this I found a place to share music, sell Avon, promote my husband’s magic shop, share the good that charitable organizations I admire are doing, connect with fellow Christians, promote a friends blog, promote musicians and start a place to share music biz advice.

Provide Valuable Content to the Right Audience

Analyzing your target audience and identifying buyer personas can help with deciding what type of interest communities you might try to reach to attract those that are good candidates for new customers, volunteers or donors for your business or organization. Providing industry know how, knowledge, news and creative ideas is the kind of content that may be valuable to the audience you are seeking. Brainstorming based on research can help to come up with creative ways to expand your reach, expose your brand to the right audiences and develop loyal followers. Providing information in existing interest groups can gain exposure for you as well. Never directly sell or market on others pages or groups but you certainly provide valuable information and gain exposure. If the interest group finds your information valuable or entertaining, they will appreciate it.

The idea of interest marketing is being written about frequently these days. In the article 10 Marketing Trends to Act On in 2018, Dave Chaffey states, “The trend I’m seeing here is that businesses are getting serious about treating content as a strategic resource, that means developing a customer engagement strategy using different media as shown in the lifecycle diagrams above, and at a practical level, developing content for different audiences using techniques like Personas and Content mapping.” I recommend reading the article for gaining insights for your marketing plans and goals.





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