Campaign Development

The following projects were done as coursework for my Bachelor’s in Digital Marketing coursework. They exhibit some of the marketing knowledge and strategies that I acquired as shown in these slide presentations of projects that were done, reviewed and graded by the professor of the class. From the professor’s feedback, I learned even more, based on notes given on expanding on the presented information and going deeper.

Mobile Marketing Campaign – Zola Beverage Company

Learning how to analyze a company’s audience, determine the desired reach and strategies that should be used to accomplish marketing goals were explored for Zola Beverage Company.


New Product Digital Marketing Campaign

Introducing a new product to the market requires strategy, planning and an effective campaign to promote the product with fervor and excitement on all of the company’s channels.

This presentation was to convince the C-Suite that wearable technology would be a great product to introduce to The Roving Company, a fictional men’s clothing line. Follow the link to see the presentation.

The Roving Company – Introducing Wearable Tech 

My group decided to introduce a new board game to the market and explore the best practices for getting the most exposure to the target market. We thought about how we would analyze results to determine our campaign success as well.

Keyword Analysis

As a project for my Marketing Analytics course, I decided to do a Keyword Strategy for Vernon Magic, a business that my husband has started. The products he sells are magic tricks and illusions. He is an ebay seller, in his web store, on his Facebook page and YouTube. Click the “Keyword Strategy for Vernon Magic” link above to view the report.

vernon magic

Event Marketing Projects

Equine Rescue Network – Donkey Derby Awareness/Fundraiser

I completed my coursework with an internship for an event being held by Equine Rescue Network. A Donkey Derby was planned, a date, time and venue confirmed and it was time to get busy promoting it. The following is a presentation of how this event was promoted, advertised and how tickets were sold.

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This video was created as a thank you to include in a past donor email campaign to raise support for the Donkey Derby. Complimentary tickets to the derby were included in the email along with the video.

Marketing Analysis

Life Is Good, Company Analysis

Analyzing a company’s culture, determining what makes it unique and using that as a springboard for campaign marketing strategy is an effective way to approach a plan. The research and subsequent presentation demonstrated to me the value of individualistic campaign development.